A memory; unexplained; and unforgotten
Thursday, August 08, 2013
I remember when I was walking down busy Pitt street filled with peak hour yuppies going home from work and when I reached the Liverpool street intersection, I waited at the crossing and watched all the suits facing me, also waiting to cross from the other side.

I heard a familiar sound informing me that it was now safe to cross the road and as I crossed, I looked up, I looked down, I looked at people, I looked at no one. Suddenly, I turned to my right and there was a homeless man (I could tell by his presentation, his smell and his mad eyes) on my right side, with his face level and only a few centimeters from my elbow. PFFFTTT! This stranger had purposely blown a raspberry into my jacket! I didn't dare look down for fear of any sign of moisture.

How did I feel that day? I remember being extremely anxious and paranoid, as if that raspberry would somehow spread the man's misfortunes onto my jacket, and by extension, my body. I feared someone had seen our interaction and mistakenly believed we had some kind of relationship. 

I threw that jacket in the bin, went to General Pants and bought a new jacket that very hour. 

Now I'm 24 years old and I will never know why that man chose me as the bearer of his raspberry. I suppose there may have been no rationale behind it and yet it happened, and I remember it and I never saw that jacket again. He holds the knowledge of the purpose of that raspberry in his mad eyes.