Train stories
Saturday, October 11, 2014
I remember the taste of freedom I first felt when I travelled by public transport alone.

The exhilaration hasn't changed, although now public commute has become a rarity. An opportunity!

I like sitting on the train and eaves dropping on other people's conversations. Like the two men who spoke rapidly and heatedly about the topic of stem cell research. The word 'extrapolate' filled their corner over and over again throughout our journey. Is this really how some people converse? It reminded me of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory except this was real life and people really are that smart. I liked listening to them talk of this science and that author and it never occurred to me that I was hearing but not comprehending. Extrapolate that!

I like waiting on the platform as the train pulls in, never knowing whether where I stand will be closest to the a door or whether I will have to shuffle those awkward steps to reach an entry. I enjoy watching people's personality take over them as they burst in first, or whether they wait quietly at the side until others have boarded.

I like to make up stories about people... their fears, their prejudices, their life's struggles and achievements. I like seeing myself in strangers.

I don't feel as human when I'm driving a car.