Sunday, August 23, 2015
I love the words that flow from human minds. I'm blessed that I can read and write and think in metaphors and similes. Fascinated by comparisons of others like... how? How does your mind see that I could never see in a million years without borrowing someone else's lense? The vivid picture you create with symbols that represent spoken sounds ... that's incredible, can I feel your power?

But all I do is just lay in bed
and hide under the covers
Yeah I know I should be brave 
but I'm just too afraid of all this change.
And it's too hard to focus through all this doubt
I keep making these to-do lists
But nothing gets crossed out...

Bright Eyes

The instagram photographers capture moments and scenes that I can only ever dream and even if I was right there with them I could never see. Your perception astonishes me, thank you for sharing with the world. Seriously #incredible.

I appreciate the talent of others and envy their wisdom but most of all I'm glad they can paint in colour and splash my world full of life! Thank you for pursuing your talent and passion and sharing it with the rest of us commoners. Respect.