Mia VERSUS Magpie
Saturday, August 22, 2015
The petty battle between my dog
and the bird is a sad, helpless battle.
Unfair war, long, already lost.
How can she not know?
Chasing on legs, with faith - determination.
The winner just flies, no intimidation.
So she rests for a bit, stealth,
Change of tactics?
Still the bird's not afraid, not even close.
Flies up high and waits and bades
It's time. Cleverly knowing it's already won.
Still the dog stares through the window,
hoping and watching.
Everytime. Not one chance.
Defeat everytime, all the time.
Still at the window, head hung low.
Now a chance. Pettiest battle, long and slow.
Don't know why she doesn't really mind.
She'll have food at night, somewhere warm
to sleep tonight.
Life's so sweet for her, now I know why.
She thinks it's just for fun, this fight.
Just something to keep her mind occupied.